MEET Norine.
          Norine is an illustrator from Centreville, Virginia with a passion for creating bold, saturated works of art. In her personal pieces she strives to discuss intersectional feminism and the diversity of the black experience through her highly-colorful, typically realistic works which often include floral motifs as well as nods to the Memphis Design group. In her pre-pandemic free time, Norine enjoyed traveling, live music, and being a goofball with her friends. Her short term goals include getting the Covid-19 vaccine, expanding her design experience, and petting more cute dogs.

Shows and Awards
Colors: Gallery5 -- Virtual exhibition -- September 2020 
Hung Juried: Glave Kocen Gallery -- Group Exhibition -- march 2019
Glitter and Grit: Gallery5 -- Group Exhibition -- September 2018
Valet Gallery -- Zine exhibition-- 2017
B.A.S.E.: B(l)ack in Action--Group Exhibition --November 2016
Kappa Pi Gallery: Multifarious--Group Exhibition --April 2016
Pyramid Art Show--Group Exhibition--June 2013
Medlin Art Gallery-- Juried Show:1st Place-- June 2013

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